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December 5, 2023

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This past year, 20Degrees Media started offering in-person Marketing Workshops so that we could work more directly with our audience and teach them all about setting achievable goals, making data driven decisions, and the powerhouse of a tool that is Google Business Profile. Now, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of our first ever Online Marketing Workshops! Let’s go through what we have in store for you and all the amazing knowledge that we can’t wait to share!

Why did we decide to start putting our workshops online?

Currently, the only people who’ve gotten access to this information have been our 1:1 clients and those who’ve attended our in-person workshops this last year. This ended up leaving a lot of businesses out there that we wanted to reach, but couldn’t. While there are other courses or online resources that will tell you about these topics, they won’t actually show you how to do it. Our goal here at 20Degrees Media is to empower businesses and teach them how to make significant changes and shifts in their marketing. While it can be overwhelming with so many different platforms – we’re here to help you through it! (That’s why they’re called workshops) Our goal isn’t to leave you with a pile of homework to do on your own time, but to show you what you need to do and set a timer for it to get done, we already know you have enough on your plate! We’re results-driven, and we want businesses to see real results.

What’s the topic of this latest workshop and why should you care?

For our first online workshop, we’re going to be talking about Google Business Profile! Most people don’t realize the amount of work that Google did with Shopify during the pandemic to really showcase small businesses, and what they needed to stand out online. Recently, Google has done extensive amounts of work to restructure how Google Business Profile works, and even those who’ve used it before might not even recognize it as the same platform! Pulse, with Google being the #1 ranked search engine in the world, this isn’t just another social media platform that’s going to be a fad. If you don’t have a website, Google Business Profile should be your #1 priority, and if you do have one, Google Business Profile should be your #2!

Online Marketing Workshop – 20Degrees Media GBP

What can customers expect from purchasing the workshop?

How you put your businesses’s information on your GBP does matter and we’ll show you why. You’ll also get tips like this – in the last month, GBP added the ability to link your social media profiles! A total gamechanger! While Google loves crawling the web to find connections, a lot of businesses aren’t displaying their social media profiles like they should. Well, that can make it hard for Google to make the connection between customers and what businesses they might be interested in. But by linking your social media profiles, Google is ready to help you all the way! This is a massive win!

Are there any deals or discounts customers should know about?

Our first workshop on GBP starts at $249, but customers who pre-order before 11:59 PM MST on January 15th can save 10% on their order! Alternatively, if you bundle this workshop with our upcoming one on keywords, you can save 12% on both courses!

Where can you learn more about the workshop and help spread the news?

You can learn more about this upcoming workshop under our “workshop” tab, or click here! We’d love for you to share your excitement and spread the news with other entrepreneurs, and make sure to tag us @20DegreesMedia

What workshops can you look forward to in the future?

After our GBP workshop, we’ll be releasing another one all about Keywords on (insert date). After those, keep your eyes peeled for more information on our upcoming online workshops covering hashtags, online presence, and data-driven-decisions!

Here at 20Degrees Media, we couldn’t be happier to be taking this next step in our business and to have the chance to share our tips and knowledge with even more of our audience! Mark your calendars for the release of our first online workshop about GBP on January 16th, and make sure to pre-order or bundle for a discount on your purchase!

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