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Camp Zero Coolers Review

November 13, 2023

The holidays are just around the corner, so if you’re scrambling for a gift for an adventurer, or if you happen to be one yourself, then one of these coolers is going to be a big hit! We have some personal experience with both of these products and they’re our top picks for family and friends!

Check out our reviews on these two coolers below:

Camp Zero Cooler – Our travel cooler

CAMP-ZERO 20 Premium Drink Cooler | Burnt Orange

The Drink Cooler has been used more times than we could count. On our road trip last year, it traveled with us to South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and all over Colorado.

It’s not only a camping favorite for us, but our dog Luna LOVES the cold water out of this cooler. She’s even gotten a little spoiled whenever she sees it out on our deck at parties. If her bowl isn’t filled from this cooler, she’ll walk away until we give her that ooohhhh-so cold water. Typically, we’ll fill it up with ice and then just add water throughout the week until we need the ice again. We let this sit out on our front porch when we’re outside and even let our delivery drivers know they’re free to refill their water bottles with it whenever they stop by.

Our Drink Cooler is an essential item on any of our road trips. There aren’t even words to describe how much of a lifesaver it was on one of our adventures last year in Arizona. No joke, we used it for just about everything; water, washing dishes, and even cooking!

Camp Zero Cooler – Can always fit in our Bronco!
Camp Zero Cooler – With us on the road!
Camp Zero Cooler – Our best camping cooler!

CAMP-ZERO 40 Premium Cooler | CZ Orange

Our larger cooler has been so handy for all the get-togethers we love to host at our house. We load up with hydration and when you’ve got a party with kiddos running around, how much more fun is it when you open the lid of a cooler and it looks like a party in there too? With some Bubly water, the confetti doesn’t just have to live on the cake, it can be in the cooler too! Not only that, we hardly have to worry about restocking it since it can hold almost 50 cans – even with ice.

Camp Zero Cooler – Filled with one of our favorite drinks
Camp Zero Cooler – Our fully stocked cooler

Are these sounding like the perfect gift for someone you know (or yourself)? Check out either of these products on Camp-Zero’s website and use our promo code CZ Cooler for 10% off anything in their store!

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