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What is a strategy and why it matters

February 24, 2023

What Is Strategy – Strategy Plan

As with almost everything else, Covid changed the way business owners had to go about their work. Even brands that were successful before the pandemic had to pivot fast and figure out how to be successful both during and after the pandemic. This was a true test for a lot of businesses, as those who didn’t know how they became successful the first time struggled to do it again. Those who had a tried and true plan, however, already had an idea of what was going to work for them and what wasn’t moving forward.

No matter at what stage a business is in, one of the best ways to make sure that one is on track is through a strategy plan. A strategy plan allows you to see whether or not you’re hitting your goals, and if not, what the issue could possibly be. Don’t we all want just a little more breathing room if something were to happen?

Mindy, our founder, realized this in 2019. When Mindy moved to California at that time, she left behind a successful photography business that was booked a year in advance. Now that she was in this completely new market, she quickly discovered that her “word of mouth” business was irrelevant. Since she hadn’t updated her website or any of her social media, no one could tell that she had photographed 125 weddings, worked with 7 sports companies, and had done commercial work. She could say it all day long, but there wasn’t any proof that she was an expert in her field. Then, an uncontrolled event happened in her life where she got sick and was asked by doctors to move back to Colorado. Just like every other business in 2020, Mindy’s business faced an uncontrolled event that drastically upset the status quo. To help get herself back on track, she created a strategy for her life, her business, and for other businesses to lead them all towards success.

What Is Strategy – A Strategy Planning Session

A strategy plan generally looks like this:

  1. Defining goals aligned with the company vision
  2. Setting deadlines
  3. Delegating tasks
  4. Doing it
  5. Documenting Data

When you create a strategic plan a year out, you should make sure that you have concrete milestones that you can check with and see whether or not you are on target. If you’re missing the mark, ask yourself why, look at the data, and decide whether it’s worth it to put more resources towards it, or if it’s time to pivot. If you don’t have a strategy plan or solid goals to lean back on, not only is it more difficult to gauge your success, but you’re more likely to struggle if there’s a bump in the road.

What Is Strategy – Finish Line

It’s not uncommon to need help with putting together a strategy plan, in fact, this is one of the most popular reasons why we’re hired. We can help you solidify your business goals and create a plan to see you cross that finish line. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us today!

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