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April 4, 2023

Brand Suite – Logos

What comes to mind when you see your favorite restaurant’s logo? Do you suddenly get a craving for their food or can you already taste the meal you always get? That’s the power of branding. 

Your branding suite should include:

  1. Main Logo
  2. Secondary Logo (optional)
  3. Round version of your logo
  4. Brand Colors (Main and Secondary colors)
  5. Typography

All of this creates a visual identity for your customers. These elements are going to be shown across your website, your social media profiles, photographs, handouts, labels, and even your products themselves. What do you want your customers to feel. Your colors should reflect that. Your target audience is going to be a big factor to the choices in your brand color palette.

Brand Suite – Brand Colors

A common mistake we see is a company deciding on their branding suite and then making changes after it’s all published. Even if all you’re doing is changing a color or two, you could be creating a domino effect that can push back your whole marketing plan. Branding is all about making your assets cohesive and painting a clear picture for your audience. If you start making late-stage changes you are sending mixed visual branding messages.

Brand Suite – Company Brand Suite

It’s crucial that you don’t rush through your company brand suite. Make sure you love your logo, the colors, and that the typography used sends the right message. You also want to keep all of this organized so that your designers and marketing team has it accessible to them for content designs.

Having some stress when it comes to this part of your marketing strategy is understandable, you’re deciding on your first impression for each and every customer. A powerful and consistent image can help make those first impressions truly stand out for your audience. Creating your image, though, doesn’t need to be something you have to do alone. We are here to help you strategize your branding, establish your business goals, and put together the identity and look you want your brand to carry forward.

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