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20Degrees Media: Who We Are

September 28, 2021

Two people snowshoeing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

20Degrees Media has been designed from the ground up to assist companies looking for that missing piece to develop and grow their online presence.  

Who are our clients? We love people who seek adventure, support small businesses, find way to enrich their communities, and look for healthy solutions/products for your body and business to keep this amazing gift of a planet we have healthy.

The “Perfect Snowflake” suspended in the air by a spider web.

20Degrees Media is named in reference to the temperature when snowflakes become what we refer to as “The Perfect Snowflake”. It is representative of our lives and companies: Each snowflake is perfect because of the distinct elements it experienced to become its own unique form. Businesses are much like people: no two are alike, and all have experienced their own journeys to arrive where they are.

Snowflakes are also a reminder of our own ephemeral nature, and that we are here on this earth for just a moment in time. However, what we do matters and leaves a mark for 7 generations. Likewise, how we serve our customers will also have a lasting impact on their business, their employees, their families and their customers. We always have the Seventh Generation Philosophy in mind when serving you.

Mindy Lundy Kramer smiling ear to ear because it’s cold outside!

Mindy is the CEO and leader of 20Degrees Media. While 20Degrees Media as a marketing agency is young and still developing and growing, this arena is anything but new to Mindy.

Mindy worked in the Marketing Research department for Vail Resorts for 3 years prior to her internship with the photography department. Mindy began a college internship with Vail Resorts in 2004 and she later became an independent photographer for them until 2018. 

From 2004-2019, Mindy photographed over 125 weddings in the summer, while engaging in commercial work through the winter. In 2019,  Mindy transitioned into personal brand photography, which combined her talents for visual storytelling and commercial marketing into a singular purpose. Knowing how to create marketable images in relation to real humans and her love of fostering a community around a brand is how Mindy helped Fancy Tiger Crafts increase their revenue by 200%–all during a global pandemic during which they remained closed for in-person business for a majority of that time. Mindy’s talent and skill for serving customers and interpreting analytics directly led to this success when so many similar businesses struggled or failed altogether.

20Degrees Media reflects nature – we are diverse.

If there is one thing Mindy is passionate about, it is diversity. She feels that diversity in age, ethnicity, gender expression, and cultural backgrounds improve a company and enrich the community. At 20Degrees Media we hire for skill sets and place particular emphasis on individuals who can serve as mentors within our community, providing internship opportunities for marginalized groups to advance their skills. Without the skill sets of our staff, there would be no 20Degrees Media, and each of them is an expert in their field, allowing us to address a variety of needs that our clients may have as effectively as possible. Our clients are consistently impressed with the professionalism and skill from each member of our team, often remarking that their time with 20Degrees Media is an experience like no other. 

At 20Degrees Media, serving our clients and achieving tangible results is what we aim for. We know you work hard at your business, so we work hard to elevate passionate business owners looking to create positive change. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, sign up for a consultation with us today!

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