How to use SEO to Boost Your Google Business Profile Visibility

January 4, 2024

If you’re at all familiar with digital media marketing, you’ve more than likely heard the phrase SEO (search engine optimization) thrown around once or twice. In short, SEO is when you optimize your website configuration/content to increase its visibility on search engines. This same concept can be applied to Google Business Profile, since if you’re not filling out your profile the right way, you either won’t be reaching your intended audience, or you won’t be reaching any audience at all. Let’s go over how you can use SEO to boost your GBP’s visibility!

Our first recommendation is to make sure you’re filling everything out! Sometimes, you might skip over certain sections or details because they won’t feel relevant to your business, but all an empty profile is going to do is make people click away. Even though 20Degrees Media primarily works online, we list our business hours so customers know when they’ll be able to get in touch with us. Also, we display our location in Evergreen, Colorado so folks can see where we’re based out of, and know that we’re proud of our community and like to show it off!

Remember to keep your profile consistently and accurately updated! If you change your phone-number, your address, or your business hours, you need to make sure that the information you’re displaying on your profile is up-to-date. If not, customers who try to reach out or even visit your store-front are going to leave disappointed, and all the hard work going towards reaching your target audience will be for nothing.

If you’ve been keeping up with our news, then you should know about our upcoming Google Business Profile online workshop that’s going over everything you need to know about this amazing platform. Coming soon after that is our next workshop that’s talking all about keywords, another important factor when it comes to SEO and GBP. Say you run a business that does outdoor wedding photography. You don’t want one of your keywords to just be “weddings”, since it’s such a generic term, and your business is just going to get lost in the millions of other results that come up in that search. You want to help Google narrow down that search by being specific with what keywords you use and what categories you put yourself in. So instead of “weddings”, you put “wedding photographer”, or even better, “outdoor wedding photographer”.

Need help putting together your GBP or figuring out what keywords are right for your business? Check out 20Degrees Media’s upcoming online workshops so we can help set up your profile for success! Click here to learn more.

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