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How often do I need to post to social media to be successful?

July 19, 2023

Post Frequency – Social Media Platforms

Simple answer – it depends on the social media platform. Part of what makes social media marketing on multiple platforms so tricky is that each varies in terms of algorithm, demographic, and method of delivery. As much as some of us wish we could copy and paste the same post across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all you’re going to end up with is one really great post, and two really confused audiences on the other social media platforms. Most of us have at least some personal experience with these platforms, but knowing the ins and outs of each one can be where a lot of us stumble. Let’s go over some quick tips on some of the most popular platforms to set you up for success.

Post Frequency – Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform and a lot more can be said in each post, so it’s an easy example of how social media platforms should be addressed differently. There are a lot of ways for your audience to engage with your posts on here, whether that be liking, saving, commenting, or even dming you. So as to not overwhelm them and discourage your audience from engaging with each post, you’re going to want to spread them throughout the week so you end up with around seven. Your social media marketing on the platform doesn’t have to end there, though. Stories are a great way to show more human and personal moments with your audience, and should be done three times a day. If you have events, going Live is a great way to show what is going on at your event.

Facebook and its many offshoots can be a different breed of social media platforms depending on how you use them. Again, due to being able to fit more content per post than on something like Twitter, you’re only going to want to be posting four times a week or so. These posts can almost be a hub for your social media marketing, as you should be including links to your website and help increase traffic there. Facebook Live is a tool you can use for engagement that helps to build a sense of community. We all like to feel connected to our favorite content creators and this is a way for you to provide that to your own audience, which you should try and do at least once a week. Facebook Groups is also about building a community and letting your audience feel involved in what’s going on, and since it’s more interactive, should be posted on seven days a week.

Post Frequency – Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual platform in which “85% of Pinterest users use the site when they want to start a new project. 64% of Pinterest users described the platform as a place to find ideas, products, or services they can trust. 47% of Social media users saw Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products.” – Omnicore. This platform was designed for vertical photographs, but you can easily post videos on there as well. Clear titles and descriptions can really help your pin be seen. This platform also allows for cohesive branding as you can link your website on there.

Twitter, largely due to its character limit, is best used for newsworthy postings. Twitter threads (multiple postings in quick succession) can be successful, but there’s a lot of variables that go into it. Usually, the first few tweets will be seen by a good amount of people, but the numbers tend to gradually (or even drastically) decline with each following post. That’s why the most standard form of posting on the social media platform is short updates on whatever your content may be. We recommend around two to five tweets a day to engage your audience. Keeping up with this along with your other accounts can start to add up, which is where your social media management team may come in.

Of course, no one knows your content better than you. Depending on what you’re selling or who your audience is, your social media marketing will look drastically different that someone else’s, even on the same platform. Schedule a consultation with us and let’s put together a unique strategy best suited for your business!

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