How to Check the Health of Your Google Business Profile

December 26, 2023

Do you already have a Google Business Profile, but haven’t noticed any change in your online traction? Luckily, not only are there built-in methods to check the health of your GBP, but we have some tips of our own to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. It isn’t enough to throw some information about your business around, but you need to optimzie your profile and check back in to find out what is and isn’t working, so let’s go over how to do just that!

If you select the “Performance” tab on your profile, it’ll allow you to set a date range where you can then view certain insights, such as what people are searching to find your business, the number of views on your profile, and how many people are clicking the link to your website. All of these and more can tell what areas of your profile are performing well and what might not be doing too hot. But don’t worry! If you find out what isn’t working, then you know exactly where you should be putting your effort into revamping.

We also recommend for you to make sure that you’re not skipping over any of the sections in your GBP! The health and performance of your profile is so reliant on each section being filled out that if you neglect even one, you could be tanking a huge portion of the traction you’d otherwise be getting. Consumers want to know as much as they can about your business before they make a purchase, so if they only have barebones information, chances are, they’ll move to a brand that they can actually form a connection with.

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