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Why Should You Do Online Marketing?

March 1, 2024

Online Marketing can be a game-changer when it comes to promoting your business, but for one reason or another, perhaps you’ve put off on fully committing to it in the past. While it can be a daunting task at times, we whole-heartedly believe in the ways it can support your brand and carry it into this next generation. Let’s go over why you should consider incorporating online marketing into your strategy and why we love to endorse it.

Reaching New Customers

Covid and quarantine drastically changed the way a majority of people do their shopping, and to this day, we’re still seeing some of those effects play out. People don’t want to spend as much time outside shopping, and even if they do go to physical locations, they’re often ordering ahead of time or browsing the inventory on a website. Marketing yourself online is not only how you’re going to reach these customers, but win their trust. People want to feel reassured that they’re buying a quality product from a business whose values they support, and if they don’t have access to that information, they’re more than likely to move on to a business who will give them that.

Engaging With Customers

Some might think that online marketing removes the personal relationships between business and customer that can be seen in a brick and mortar store, but in reality, it can make these connections even easier! Customers can leave comments on social media posts, write in reviews on your Google Business Profile, or even call you on the phone if you made that information accessible. There are any number of ways for your customers to directly reach and leave suggestions, ask questions, or even get help to smooth over an issue. The ease of online shopping mixed with a strong human element can help forge a lasting relationship that’ll make a single-purchase shopper into a repeat customer.


This is the part of online marketing that our founder, Mindy Lundy Kramer, loves the most! “First person data from our clients, to numbers, graphs, and charts. It tells a story and I love discovering that and sharing it with our clients.” This type of data can tell you exactly what does and doesn’t work and can help you plan accordingly for the future. Noticed an uptick in engagement when you posted during this time of the day? Now you can schedule all your posts to go up then! By committing to online marketing, you can get access to all sorts of information that you might never have had the chance to in the past.

We understand that every business has to go through their own journey when it comes to online marketing. Taking the time to learn the intricacies and factors that go into an effective strategy is a task within itself, and it’s better to spend the time learning what you can than wasting effort on something that’s doomed to fail. But even then, mistakes are bound to happen, projects will fail, and you should always try and learn what you could have done better so that you can try again next time!

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