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Hashtag Mastery 101

February 19, 2024

Most people know what hashtags are and what they do, but what not as many know are the intricate ways that hashtags actually function, and how to get them to increase your post’s visibility. If you’ve experienced this problem before, then 20Degrees Media has just the solution with one of our latest Online Courses; Hashtag Mastery 101. Let’s go over what this course has in store for you and how hashtags can start bringing the right attention to your posts!

Hashtags are a way for social medias users to help their posts be seen in specific communities. If you tag your post with “hiking”, anyone on the platform who searches “hiking” has a chance of seeing your post now. This is where a lot of those who are new to online marketing typically make their first mistake. Instead of focusing on appealing to their specific audience, they try to reach as far and wide as possible, using the most popular and trendiest hashtags. All this does, however, is make sure that your posts get lost in the wind. Especially if you’re a small business, the chances of your post being seen with a hashtag that’s used millions of times are not great.

On the other hand, if you narrow down who you’re trying to reach and what hashtag’s they’re frequently checking, you’re setting yourself up for success and connections with your audience. Our course is all about helping you find the hashtags that are best suited for your business and that will put you in front of the people you’re trying to reach. Together; we’ll be going over the intricacies such as:

Scheduling: It matters when you post! And we don’t just mean the weekends vs the week day, we’re talking about right down to the hour. When is your audience going on social media? Whenever that is, that’s when you should be posting!

Analytics: Do you know how to check if a post was successful? When it comes to social media, it can be hard to decipher which metrics actually matter, and what they mean. Learning how to gain useful information from these numbers is just one of the many topics we’ll be going over!

Included with the course is a Google Spreadsheet template to help your business organize it’s hashtags and to help you keep track of the ones you should be using for different posts! The course takes around 20 minutes to complete, but the advice you get will continue to help you well into the future. You can get access to all of this for just $29.99, and to make your purchase or learn more, click here!

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