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We love working with entrepreneurs who find ways to enrich their communities and strive to offer healthy solutions and products.

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Do you need a best friend to call to bounce an online marketing idea off of? We offer a FREE 15 minutes consult.
Do you need a bit more time?
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Strategic Planning

Give us your business goals and we create a marketing strategy plan for you to implement. The strategy plan is based on market research and data. The strategy plan will have deadline dates, with projects broken down into tasks. Tasks will have due dates based on your deadline date.


We do it for you.

We have experts in strategy, branding, conversion copy, website design, and photography. We can do it all for you.


here's what we do:



Tell us your idea or problem that you are struggling with and let's talk it through.

Client Problem: We have an emergency.  We are just opening and found out we need to close due to a personal issue. How do we tell our customers in a way that is organic to us?
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We do it for you!

This is for the business owner who needs a full marketing team but doesn't have one. They have the resources just not the time. Their goal - to have it done!

Client Problem: "Our website isn't working and we don't know why or where to begin. What do we do?"


Strategic Planning

We look at your business goal and convert it to an actionable marketing plan to get you to the finish line!

Client Problem: "We want to launch a new line and we know our target audience. We need a logo, brand colors, photographs, website, and a timeline to  launch.
How do we make this all come together?"

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The images she sends are far better than I could have ever imagined! Mindy is so helpful, personable and always helps inspire our retail site to be the best it can be."

JOsie, Merchandise Manager | Arapahoe Basin/Arapahoe Sports

"Mindy has been taking our product pictures for years now and increased sales dramatically."

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I’m a girl who would rather drive with the top off of my Bronco and opt for a beanie instead of a hairbrush.

20Degrees Media has gone through a few evolutions since I first opened this business in 2008 — but one thing has remained consistent: my mission is to connect people through stories and feelings.

Flash forward 14 years - our headquarters is now in Evergreen, Colorado and with a growing team.

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Helping brands level up their online presence so they can make a bigger impact in their community.

Creating strategic plans that achieve goals.

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