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We specialize in online marketing, brand photography, and professional stock images for active lifestyle businesses that are ready to tackle their next adventure.


Helping brands level up their online presence so they can make bigger impacts in their clients' lives.

Using cohesive visuals and powerful messaging, we achieve a thoughtfully-curated plan for your unique business.

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Jesse Starr | Two Elk Studios


I was exclusively an outdoor photographer and it felt like a dream! Until ... I became allergic to it. 

While 20Degrees Media (as a marketing agency) is young and still growing, this arena is nothing new to me.

I worked for Vail Resorts for three years in the Marketing Research department before taking an internship with the Photography department. After I graduated from college in 2004 and fulfilled those internship hours at Vail Resorts, I became an independent photographer.

For 14 years after that, I photographed 125+ weddings, 7+ sports companies, too many events to count, and commercial work. But then, my husband and I moved to California.

After we moved, I had to take a break from being outside because of intense allergies. Although I was devastated by this (I'm always outside), my one-year search for solutions taught me a lot about health, wellness, and sports. We moved back to Evergreen, Colorado, but I had to rethink my life outdoors and how much more there was to understand about this culture.

This was my light bulb moment. I became fascinated with understanding the granular aspects of online marketing campaigns because I appreciated the granular aspects of what living life outdoors could mean. I combined my marketing and photography degree with my love for storytelling — and transitioned into personal branding photography. This was the perfect fit because it combined my talents for visual storytelling, commercial marketing, and strategy into a singular purpose.

Now, I'm jumping back to what I know — the outdoors, health, wellness, my local community, and cultivating connections. I've built a team of people with diverse talents who are passionate about using their gifts to elevate people and encourage healthy living.

Small, but mighty!

20Degrees Media wouldn’t be what it is today without our talented team! 

Hello! I'm Savignon, I'm a copywriter for 20 Degrees Media's blogs. I'm a Lakota Oglala writer who enjoys stepping away from the computer when I can to enjoy the outdoors. I especially love exploring the small pockets of nature in my neighborhood with my dog, Chico.

When I'm not standing around waiting for Chico to finish sniffing every last leaf on a bush, he's standing around waiting for me to finish my work so we can go on a walk

As Mindy’s sister, I possess the same perfection trait that runs in our family. My English degree helped hone my writing and editing skills, while my organizational skills were acquired through the years.
Outside of work, you’d find me in the kitchen, transforming recipes to fit the needs of my type one diabetic daughter who also has celiac’s disease. 

Hello! I am a quiet computer geek and I have designed hundreds of logos and websites in my 20 years of working in the marketing industry. My passion for beautiful design and a smooth user experience drives all of my work. I am an expert in identity design and branding, web design and Wordpress development, and Search Engine Optimization..

Our whole team is also passionate about diversity and representation, and we believe having more voices at the table is crucial for professional success and personal abundance.

Top: Savignon and Chico.
Right: Rachel
Left: Kate




Why 20Degrees?

As someone who has always loved snowflakes, I noticed the journey of a snowflake is much like the journey of an individual and a business. Each snowflake is perfect because of its distinct elements. No two are alike. And all have experienced a unique journey to take a shape of their own.

Snowflakes are also a reminder of our ephemeral nature. We're here on earth for just a moment, but what we do matters and leaves a mark for generations. We impact our clients, who will impact theirs.

And since 20 degrees is the temperature when snowflakes become “the perfect snowflake,” I came up with the name 20Degrees Media to represent that we play to each business’s strength — and that’s what makes them perfect already.

In this fast-paced digital world, it’s more important than ever to find professionals you can trust to elevate your business online.

Strategy - it takes a team.
It looks at history, innovating new ways, collaborating, and implementation.


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