How to Photograph Your Brand’s Products

December 4, 2023

Product Photography – Eighth Generation Mug

Are you completely new to photographing your brand’s products? Or maybe a veteran who’s looking for new ways to apply their skills? Either way,  Mindy wanted to share some of her personal tips for photographing all sorts of different products as well as a helpful reminder to make sure you’re in the right headspace before going into a shoot!

For example, let’s look at a series of photos Mindy took:

Both before and during a shoot, these are some helpful thoughts to keep in the back of your head:
1. Try different locations until you find “the one”
2. Try adding accessories or compliments to the main subject
3. Try looking at it from different angles – don’t be afraid to move around
4. It’s ok to say “nope, not today!”

Product Photography – Photograph #1 – Find the right location

There were a ton of different variations to these photos before Mindy settled on a location. She tried holding the mugs, stacking them on top of one another, but she eventually turned her thoughts to where the mug would make the most sense. Where would someone be drinking their tea or coffee in the morning while grabbing some fresh air? That was when she landed on the lawn chair!

Product Photography – Photograph #2 Add an element that compliments the product

Once she had that figured out, she realized that the photos started to feel a little empty on their own, so she threw on a blanket to add an extra splash of color and something to compliment the main subject – the mug.

Product Photography – Photograph #3 – Change angles

She played with the angles but always made sure the product would be at the forefront of what people saw when looking at the photo.

If Mindy’s learned anything in her X years as a photographer, it’s this – if you go out one day for a shoot and nothing seems to be working, just stop. Do it another another day. Sometimes, the creative juices just aren’t flowing and the best thing that you can do is just take a step back. Mindy tried to force her way through this feeling, spending a whole day on a shoot even while in her gut, she just knew it wasn’t “right.” After coming back the next day, and listening to some music, she got the shot she needed after just five photos. She realized how easy it was to waste a day just to feel “productive”, even though all the work she did couldn’t even be used in the end product. It’s okay to say “nope, not today.”

When going into your next shoot, keep these tips in the back of your mind, and just know that a lot has to come together to get that perfect shot, and you won’t always get it on your first try! (But that’s alright, that just means your normal.)

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