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May 17, 2024

20Degrees Media founder Mindy Lundy Kramer recently attended the Google Cloud Next conference where she learned all about the newest developments coming to the world of AI, and how business owners like you can start using them to level up how you operate. We’ll be dishing out all the most exciting details we learned over the next few blogs, and in this one, we’ll be going over some exciting changes coming to Google, and a new tool to radicalize the way you create images.

Google Workspace + Gemini

For those who don’t know, Google Workspace is a service that organizes tools such as Drive, Gmail, Sheets, and Meet into a single location and that focuses on improving online team communication. The service comes with a variety of features to cut down on wasted time, facilitating stronger bonds between team members, and simplifying the collaboration process. Workspace comes in a series of different payment plans, each providing additional tools and benefits at your disposal.

Workspace is a handy way to keep all of your team’s resources and files in one place where everyone can have access to what they need. There are plenty of file-sharing and collaboration websites to help teams work together, but it can be hard to have to go to five different websites to get everything you need for one project. With Workspace, you can keep everything neat and organized right on Google. You now even have more of a reason to check out their different tools and see if they’ll work for you better than a third-party resource. For example, you can now get recording summaries from Google meet!

Gemini & Freepik AI – Google Cloud Next (made with Freepik)

The newest addition to Workspace’s kit is Gemini, an AI assistant that’s there to help you and your team with anything you might need across Google’s many services, including Drive, Gmail, and Sheets. Think of it as in-house ChatGPT that can research analytics, put together proposals or write the copy for posts, and even create images to use in your content. The number of uses for Gemini is enormous and very exciting for any business that’s had an interest in integrating AI into their team.

Need to write a professional email to a client? Put together a report on your target demographic’s activity? Or create a presentation for your company’s next marketing campaign? Gemini can help you with all of that!

Gemini also has a chat function that works like other AI assistants, where you can ask it questions or to help you with research. You can access this via your browers, but there’s also an app version for you to download on your phone, taking Gemini on the go with you! The premium version, Gemini Advanced, comes with several benefits as well, such as being the first to recieve the newest updates and improvements to Google’s AI.

One of the main benefits of using Gemini is the privacy it can provide your business that other AI tools don’t generally offer. When using AI, you still need to input the figures, statistics, and other private data from your business, or your clients, and you can’t always rely on it being properly secure or protected. Gemini, on the other hand, provides a guarantee that the data you input is kept safe and confidential.

Gemini & Freepik AI – Pottery Art (made with Freepik)

Just remember this helpful tip that Mindy learned at the conference: “Bad data in is bad data out.” AI still relies on what you give it, so if you’re giving unclear directions or not paying attention to what information you’re inputting, you’re not going to be receiving the best content. Leaders who haven’t put the time into developing proper communication skills likely won’t see as successful results when using AI as leaders who have put in the work.

While the conference may be over, you can still watch some of what went down and hear about these exciting new updates from the people who made them! Click the link here to watch the conference’s opening keynote on Youtube.


Sometimes, the perfect image just can’t be found, or you don’t have the time to create a detailed graphic for your content. While there are many different AI image generators, the number #1 tool that we recommend is Freepik! Freepik has a plethora of stock photos, icons, graphics, and even videos, many of which are completely free to download and use. However, what we’re really excited about is the service’s amazing AI features.

Freepik has several different methods you can use to generate an image, from simply inputting text, to reimagining an image from one that you upload, and to even creating one based off of a sketch that you draw yourself. All of the images we’ve used in this article were made using Freepik through their different methods, so you can see for yourself all the capabilities this service offers!

While the free version still comes with plenty of benefits, they also offer a premium plan that comes with exciting bonuses like unlimited use of their AI features and unlimited downloads from their image library. Usually, you can only create or download a few images a day, but with the premium plan, you can generate as many as you want!

Gemini & Freepik AI – Kites Image (made with freepik)

If you’re in a bind where you can’t use any of your own images or photos, or none of them capture the feeling you want, a tool like Freepik can be just what you need to put something together. All the images used in this blog were made Freepik, and just look at how amazing they all turned out! Although, we reccomend you pay closer attention than we did when you make your images, since we didn’t even notice those kites don’t have any strings! Maybe we can use it for a marketing tagline, “no strings attatched.”

Ai is constantly developing and improving in all sorts of ways, and when used responsibly, it can be a game-changer for your business! Just remember that at the end of the day, what customers want to see is the human-element behind your brand. Even after all your marketing, if they still don’t know anything about who you are, you won’t be able to count on them sticking around. Stay tuned for more updates on our end about the latest developments of AI and our recommendations!

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